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It sure is! Entry to the Ginger Factory is free and the Zog Trail is located in our rainforest.

The Zog Trail will be at the Ginger for a whole year!

Search for “Zog: A Forest Adventure” app in the app store.

Have you got your data roaming on? If the app is still not downloading, try turning your phone off for two minutes, turning it back on and trying to download again.

You will need an iPhone, Android 10+, Samsung S10+, Pixel 3+ or a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. Nokia is not a supported device.

Have you given permission for the app to access your camera and image gallery once initially opened after downloading?

Photos are automatically added to your device’s gallery. Please ensure you give the app permission to access your photos when prompted once you download the app.

If you accidently said ‘no’ to allow access to your camera, please follow the steps below according to your device:


  • Go to your Settings > Privacy > Camera > Zog: A Forest Adventure
  • Also verify that the camera is enabled in: Settings > General > Restrictions


  • An error message will appear when you attempt to use the app
  • Click ‘close’ – this will close the app
  • Reopen the app – this will give you another opportunity to give approval to allowing camera access so the app can work correctly

Photos are saved directly to your personal camera roll / photos outside of the app – note that this is dependent on whether you gave permission for the app to access your camera/photos (if you didn’t, follow the steps above)

On the app, you can only preview the last photo you took, you do not have the ability to swipe through all images captured.

Depending on the device, follow the steps below to view all photos:

  • Apple: Open your photo app and click on ‘photos’ – this is saved in your camera roll
  • Android: Open your photo app and click on ‘Albums’ different to IPhone, photos are saved in a generated album under your ‘album file’ called ‘Zog: A Forest Adventure‘

Once the trail has been completed, there is a ‘restart’ button and a ‘camera’ button on the final complete screen, which allows you to go back and take more pictures.

You can take as many images as you like and complete the Zog Trail as many times you wish – there is no limit!

To avoid delays and get spotting straight away, we recommend customers pre-download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store before visiting. (Mobile Data Charges may apply, check with your Mobile Phone Provider on Data Limits). Once installed, the application no longer requires a data connection when you visit us!

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Zog © 2010 & TM Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler. Licensed by Magic Light Pictures Ltd. Developed in partnership with Forestry England.