Sunny Kids Christmas Websitelanding Page

Give the Gift of Joy

The Ginger Factory is proud to be partnering with Sunny Kids this Christmas. Sunny Kids work tirelessly to provide social and emotional safety nets for children in need and with the support of you and our wider community, they can continue to do this and more. From November 13th to December 18th, you can generously give the gift of joy and hope to a family and child in need by placing a present under our tree. Spread the Christmas spirit this year and help us keep kids safe and hopeful thanks to the team at Sunny Kids.

Considerations to note:

Please do not wrap gifts. This will allow SunnyKids to direct each one to the most appropriate recipient. You’re welcome to supply a gift bag or gift wrap separately if you wish but this isn’t a necessity.

Please only donate new items. If you would like to donate second-hand goods, we recommend giving these directly to Lifeline, Life House or other charity shops.

Please do not donate toy weapons or items that promote violence of any kind. Many of the children SunnyKids assist have experienced domestic violence and may find these items distressing.