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School Holidays

Fire Breathing Fun at The Ginger Factory!

Embark on an enchanting adventure at The Ginger Factory and meet Zog the friendly dragon! Join us for a school holiday experience filled with magic, laughter, and new friendships as Zog takes residence in our rainforest straight from the UK. Get up close for a family photo and witness his clumsy charm firsthand.

Get creative with all day arts and crafts, enjoy free movie screenings and book readings, and embark on a journey through the rainforest in search of Zog and his friends.

Don’t miss this magical opportunity for a school holiday experience full of wonder and excitement!


24 – 28 JUNE
1 – 5 JULY

Monday – Friday
10 am: Live Book Readings
11 am: MEET ZOG
12 pm: Midday Movie

Monday – Sunday
All Day: Arts and Crafts Station


Plsnts Cropped Left 1
Plsnts Cropped Right 1

Where is it?

Yellow Butterfly Facing Right

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