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Hear the story of how ginger is grown, harvested and turned into a delicious range of products.    


Hop on board ‘Moreton’ for a fun and informative journey on our much loved historic train.


Experience the fascinating world of the honeybee as our beekeepers share the hidden secrets of the hive.    


Enjoy 12 months of unlimited rides on Overboard Boat Ride + Moreton the Ginger Train. Terms and conditions apply. Children aged 3 years and under are free of charge. Get yours now! My VIP Pass Terms & Conditions


Ahoy there shipmates! Go ‘Overboard’ with the Gingerbread Man on a fantastic global voyage.    


Double the fun! The Ginger Factory Play Bundle includes access to the Overboard boat ride and the Ginger Train.  

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Experience it all! Enjoy the Factory Tour, Live Bee Show, Overboard boat ride and the Ginger Train all on one pass. Includes unlimited rides. SPECIAL ONLINE DISCOUNT OF 10% (automatically applied)  


Enjoy all the flavours of the Ginger Factory! The Taste & Discover Bundle includes the Factory Tour and the Live Bee Show.