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Downloading The Gruffalo Spotter App:

  1. Open App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Search ‘Gruffalo Spotter 2’ free app
  3. Tap on the get/install button
  4. Open the app and allow access to your camera and photos
  5. Start The Gruffalo Trail

The Gruffalo Spotter 2 App is available and free for both iOS and Android users.
Before starting the trail please check that The Gruffalo Spotter 2 App has permission to access your devices camera and photos. This will ensure your photos are automatically saved to your photo gallery.

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How to play

Look for the markers along the way to bring the characters to life. There are 5 markers that activate Mouse, Fox, Owl, Snake and The Gruffalo! You can jump behind or beside the marker to take photos with the characters.

Make sure you save your photos before deleting the app. Share your favourite pics with us #GruffaloSpotters

Markers Look Like This

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